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Aeropress Go

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Pack of 350 AeroPress filters.
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Cupped for quality and sourced from single regions, these coffees are decaffeinated using a natur...
Super tangy with complex fruit flavour notes
Roast: Light
Process: Red Honey
Producer: Diego Abar...
Our espresso blend includes a rotating roster of coffees to seek out a balanced flavour profile. ...
Well balanced and very approachableRoast: Medium
Process: Washed
Producer: Various smallholder fa...
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This is a 100 pack of the 2015 JW Filter Design of the white bleached V60-02 paper filters. The f...
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Porlex Mini

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Porlex Tall

A darker roast showcasing classic flavours like dark chocolate and toasted almond.
Roast: Dark

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