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Aeropress Go

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Pack of 350 AeroPress filters.
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Cupped for quality and sourced from single regions or farms, these coffees are decaffeinated usin...
Yet another of Diego's coffees that jumped out at us on the cupping table.  Big, ripe fruit and w...
Our espresso blend includes a rotating roster of coffees to seek out a balanced flavour profile. ...
In a microregion of Yirgacheffe, this coffee is grown and processed by various smallholder farmer...
Waykan offerings are chosen by Cafe Imports for their pristine example of the dynamiccharacter of...
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This is a 100 pack of the 2015 JW Filter Design of the white bleached V60-02 paper filters. The f...
We initially sourced some of Jose's coffees on our first trip to origin in Peru, and are really e...

Porlex Mini


Porlex Tall


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Screen printed on heavy cotton "Natural" blanks.
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Fit: True to size

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